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Before & After
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Before & After

Mis à jour : janv. 25

Most of the post-production work I carry out on images is subtle and technical but sometimes, as in the first photo below, I have to use a little artistic licence for dramatic effect so, let there be clouds...

Before RAW

Unfortunately, light is a mercurial assistant and never seems to be in the right place at the right time so here, I had to add a little sunshine.

Before RAW

I thought this was a nice composition as the bride was waiting to be called to her car. I didn't have time to light the image correctly (as often happens in reportage) so I added some fill from the left...and removed a hidden mirror.


It's quite difficult to see the changes below but I knew this image was going to be used for a very large wall mount. For some reason, clouds take on a bigger effect when enlarged and draw the eye away from the subject. By whitening them, their effect is reduced.

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