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A Morning at France Bleu La Rochelle
  • Lana Dowling

A Morning at France Bleu La Rochelle

France Bleu - La Rochelle is an independent radio station broadcasting to the Charente and Charente Maritime regions of Nouvelle Aquitaine in the southwest of France. It broadcasts live and offers a mix of music, current affairs and chat shows.

Last week, I was invited to the studio as a guest of Lawrence Pernet and Eric Morgane for their local business and cuisine show. It was a unique experience for me to be live on air but the hosts were so friendly, welcoming and supremely professional that after five minutes, I was relaxed and enjoying the experience!

Podcast: 'La Cuisine de La Vie en Bleu: La Photographe LANA DOWLING d'origine Russe et Charentaise de coeur'

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