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Photographe de Mariage in Cognac
  • Lana Dowling

Mélanie & Guillaume.

Mis à jour : févr. 22

Venue & Catering: Domaine des Chais. Hotel and Restaurant. Capacity - up to 200 people.

Dress: Mariage Boutique

Hair: Made by a friend

Make-Up: Made by a friend

Preparations started at 10:30 with make-up and hair. Apart from some reportage, I had the chance to sneak out with some accessories for close-up work on some beautiful items. I thought the shoes and flowers worked particularly well.

Meanwhile, next door Guillaume was also getting ready for his big day. As a surprise and because of his interest in bikes, his friend Vincent had prepared a tandem-velo which had been beautifully restored from two old rejects.

The subsequent arrival of the groom to the mairie was pretty unique and definitely memorable.

Five minutes later Mélanie and her father arrived in another beautifully restored

vehicle - a Volkswagen Beetle.

After the ceremony, the couple set off together in the Beetle...

Mélanie and Guillaume had previously asked me to take pictures of them in a vineyard. I had already scouted out a nice place near the Domaine, so while the guests were enjoying a cocktail, we had a quick twenty-minute photo session on location.

I wanted the effect of light shining upwards on the couple so the driver kindly crouched down in the front seat while holding my remote flash!

Below are few images from our after wedding photo session a few days later on the beach in Meschers. A lovely, fun couple who I really enjoyed working with.

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