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Engagement photo session in Tanzac
  • Lana Dowling

Engagement photo session in Tanzac

Preparations, good locations and fun! Good preparation is everything for a successful photo session!

My favorite time for a photo session is evenings. First of all, I would check if weather conditions are comfortable for shooting.

Via Whatsapp we have quickly agreed with Z&P few locations and the type of clothing they need to wear.

I visited those locations beforehand and marked the places so it would be easier to find them.

Timing is important, as the sun is setting down very quickly.

I would also visualise my future images in my head. I created few drawings for myself, as it would help for logistics and save lots of time in the field!

Here are some scribbles. Don't need to be Da Vinci: )

So, when the couple arrived all we had to do was to follow the prepared itinerary, take pictures and have fun! I offered five different places: my garden, sunflower field, vineyards and forest near my house. All places helped to create completely different "love stories" within two and half hours. We were out from 19:30 until 22:00.

After the photo session I spent couple of days to treat the images. When the couple selected the favorite ones, I spent two more days to give the selected images a final magic touch.

Here are the results of my work.

In the garden:

In the sunflower field:

In vineyards: The vines were cut by a "viticulteur" few days ago and they looked so tidy and nice! At the end of the vines on the picture below you can see our house.

Next to the forest.

I spotted this place few weeks ago and wanted to have a photo session with a couple. An image with a bicycle and the sunset. Unfortunately, at 21:00h clouds covered whole sky.. so, it was not exactly as I visualised it in my head, but never mind, I will come back to this place again with another couple. May be it will be you! :)

It was very productive photo session with various locations and style.

Now Z&P have beautiful images in their family photo album which will last forever!

Wish them all the best in future and many happy years together!:)

Lana Dowling

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